The need

In any given week, 207,700 different Ohioans

receive emergency food assistance just to get by.

All donations go directly to

Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio Food Pantries.

the game

We LOVE to show

God's love to others.

We also love having FUN!

So this year

the left and right sides of the congregation are going head to head

to see who can raise



in the name of Jesus!

During the entire month of January and ending on February 6 your donations help lead either the

Pugnacious Preachers or the Lightning Lutherans to victory and MOST importantly, serve others in the name of Jesus.


Donate Here

THE points

For every food item you donate, your team will get one point.

For every dollar you donate your team will get five points.

This is because the LSS can stretch your $1 donation to $5.25 of buying power!

On February 6

a fun game hosted by Pastor Aaron will be played in the Fellowship Hall from 9:45a-10:45a and added to

the last donations, which will then be tallied and we will declare a winner!

Of course the real winners are those who will have food to eat thanks to your generous donations :)