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     Weddings are important.  We want your wedding to be one of the best moments of your life that propel you to a life-long marriage.

     Worship is important, too.  We feel that to begin your marriage by worshipping together at your wedding is a very solid way to begin life together.

     What is a wedding?  It may seem like a silly question, but what is reasoning behind it?  Why do we do it?  A wedding is the coming together of two lives to be joined, married.  That's what a wedding is, but is that the same as marriage?  Not by a long shot!  Marriage is "a gift of God which can only become real in the lives of two people," as one phrase has it.  The wedding is "only" the outward sign of an inward union of hearts, bound together by God.

     We require that each couple take an online couple inventory and meet with Pastor Aaron at least twice (about one hour each time) for premarital sessions.  In those sessions Pastor Aaron will discuss with you the results of your online inventory and give you applause on what you are doing well and sound advice on items that need some growth.  He will also help you plan your wedding ceremony to help make your day one to truly remember.

     We do ask couples to worship with us here on Sunday mornings.

     If you are interested in having your wedding here at Advent, please contact our church office at 614-451-3639.

For a copy of our 56 Questions you Should Answer, click here.

To view our wedding fees, click here.

For a printable copy of our Wedding Guidelines, click here.


To see a copy of our Wedding Guidelines

and to pick your options to customize your wedding, click here 

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