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“Thoughts and prayers.” We’ve all heard this phrase in the wake of tragedies, personal and communal, in what has become the routine offering of condolences from public figures to friends & and family posting Facebook comments.

For Lutherans, prayer goes beyond positive energy and thoughts, rather it is communication and conversation with God.  Prayer is an individual discipline we practice daily on our own as well as a communal one we return to weekly in Sunday assembly.  It is not a passive gesture, but an embodied one, engaged as a way of participating in the work God is already doing.

For Lutherans prayer is of great importance. We know well passages like “pray without ceasing,” which Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Prayer is a meaningful ongoing practice for us.  Even Martin Luther’s written prayers suggest someone in continual conversation with God.


We would like to pray for you and your concerns - for yourself, situations, and your loved ones.

Click on the button and tell us your prayer concern and we will add your confidential concern to our Prayer Chain.

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