What is a Church Council? The Church Council acts as Advent's Board of Directors.  There are 9 people elected for a term of 2 years on a rotational basis.  The Council meets once a month, on the third Monday starting at 6:30 pm.

Each Council member serves as a council liaison to one standing committee (typically meets once a month).  Council members are available to church members and visitors for comments, concerns and compliments.


Craig runs AdventELC Council meetings, Congregational meetings, and also serves on the Administration Team.  

President of the Congregation

Craig Dame

Kat serves at the VP of AdventELC. The VP runs meetings when the President is absent and is head of the Nominations Committee.  Kat also serves on the Parish Life Team.

Vice President

Katrina Väänänen

Stacy is the Secretary of Council. She takes the minutes of Council meetings and keeps great records of actions.  Stacy also serves on the Social Concerns Team.  


Stacy Bolzenius

Jenn is a member of Council.  She serves on the Parish Life Team and also volunteers as a lead for our annual Vacation Bible School. 


Jenn Deeter

Christy is a member of Council .  She serves on the Parish Life Team and also attends Youth Board Meetings.


Christy Habermehl

Tom is a new member of Council.  He serves on the Worship & Witness Team and is on Altar Guild. 


Tom Heiby

Nancy is a member of Council.  She serves on the Social Concerns Team and is passionate about the YWCA Family Shelter. 


Nancy Neiner

Del is a new member of Council.  He serves on the Administration Team and helps with property matters around AdventELC.


Del Phillips

Bob is a new member of Council.  He serves on the Administration Team and helps run the A/V Booth for worship.  


Bob Swinehart

Pastor Aaron Layne sits on Church Council.  He reports to and advises the Council each month.


Rev. Aaron Layne

Support Church Council Members

from July 2019-June 2020

  • Jane Moore  (Financial Secretary)

  • Bob Goldie (Interim Treasurer)

  • Sylvia Wallace (Asst. Treasurer)


How does the Church Council and all of the teams work together with the Staff?

*DYFM stands for Director of Youth and Family Ministries

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Council Packets

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Congregation President Brent Welch led a special and informative congregational meeting on March 5. We were updated on the visioning process and recommendations on a bequest given to the congregation.


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