December 23


3660 Kenny Road

Columbus, Ohio 43081

This is our
50th Annual
a family friendly event
that helps people experience Christmas story in a real way.


Covid-19 may keep us distanced from each other but there is nothing that can separate us from the story of God's love for us in Jesus!  


Since 1970 we have been known to the community for our yearly roadside live manger scene, complete with costumes and live animals, free food, and live music from the barbershop group The Singing Buckeyes and church members. Hundreds of people each year have all their senses engaged and fill the church as they are filled with thespirit and story of the season.

Remaining faithful yet changing, we have redeveloped this ministry event into a DRIVE THRU telling of the Christmas story complete with live actors, live animals, and the Christmas story set to a soundtrack and broadcasted through a short range FM radio station that you can listen to while remaining in the comfort and safety of your vehicle.