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Making an Impression

A church sign, the architecture of the building, and how many cars are in the parking lot make the most meaningful impressions to the public and is as vital as a good website. So it is crucial for Advent to have a church sign which ensures that everyone knows who we are, what we are about, and that we are active and available to meet the spiritual needs of both our congregation and anyone who steps through their doors.

Advent's current sign is decades old and is showing increasing indicators of structural distress. After discussion, good common sense, and prayer the conclusion is quite clear: We are in need of a new sign and need your help. 


After much research, consultation and consideration of zoning laws in our community, the Administration Team has recommended a new church sign design with a cost that was very competitive.

The cost: $25,000

Please give today to help us to raise this money so that we may have a faithful, effective, long-lasting sign that will stand in witness to Advent's witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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